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Join us in addressing the challenges and needs of EU youth.

Project Description

Youth in EU needs tools, networking, best practices and competences to realize their potential. In partner countries, we have identified that youth are in general reluctant to engage in a collaboration outside local environment and connect more, share ideas and information via experience exchange, which is a basis for COHERENT. 

The project’s main objective is to increase youth participation in civic life related to the youth goals, to foster cross-border mobility and increase youth cooperation in projects.


A Circle Of youth for tHe EuRope wE want


The objective of the project is to increase youth participation in civic life related to the youth goals #3, #4, #10, to foster cross-border mobility and increase youth cooperation in projects, including capacity building.

WP1 generates an understanding of youth civil engagement, active participation, collaboration with decision-makers, as well as of youth competences on topics, covered by the COHERENT, e.g. inclusiveness, solidarity, EU values, democratic life, green and sustainable EU, …

WP2 is gathering selected information for enabling youth active citizenship, demonstrating best practices, methods, and guidelines, collaboration with NGOs and decision-makers, … It will be also used as an inspiration for improved participation, solidarity, engagement, cooperation, for realization of success stories.

WP3 covers the development of the 3 e-modules and the 3 e-textbooks, consisting of online sessions, exercises, case studies and guidelines for individual work of the participants.

WP4 focuses on all the relevant target groups types: youth, youth workers/trainers, facilitators, NGOs, youth organizations, decision-makers, civil society, …

WP5 will deliver guidelines with clear recommendations and actions, directed at European, national and regional policy-makers and youth. It will also incorporate a guidelines/recommendations on how to strengthen collaboration between youth and decision makers.

WP6 addresses pathways to reach the desired impact, and specifically the following individual objectives:
a) Build and disseminate project results;
b) Widely promote the project results to relevant stakeholder communities, build and maintain a web-based portal with solutions and best practices;
c) Extrapolate and exploit the project results to achieve a desired long-term impacts.

WP7’s main objectives are: to carry out an effective technical, scientific, legal, financial and administrative co-ordination, establishing the mechanisms and management procedures to the end of the project as well as ensuring that work is running smoothly and that an equal level of information is maintained between all partners.

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