The impact of the Coherent project

As we are one step away of officially closing our project Coherent, it is time to look back on the most important steps with the following timeline:

– formation of the 13-partner consortium under KA3 project Coherent: Circle Of youth for tHe EuRope wE waNT, with partners from 10 EU countries (Slovenia, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Turkey and Finland) – starting in May 2021

– workshop in Klaipeda to activate and gather feedback from around 80 young people from Lithuania about Coherent objectives and main work package content that was developed and drafted – November 2021

– developing our Coherent e-course content, building dissemination reach, connecting with local, national and EU stakeholders, … full work mode on despite pandemic times 👏

– meeting live for the first time officially on the transnational project meeting in Italy – April 2022

– finalization of the English version of the e-course on the 3 key EU Youth goals: #3 Inclusive Societies; #4 Information & Constructive Dialogue; #10 Sustainable Green Europe – June 2022

– organization of the youth summer mobility for 100 people in Maribor – September 2022

– implementation of the Open Dialogue sessions in partner countries, gathering young people and local policy-makers in the world cafe guided discussions – October 2022

– finalization of the Policy Toolkit document with recommendations for policy makers on youth active engagement into EU societies – November 2022

Kind reminder to check insights from our main events in motion picture:

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