Project’s Progress

The COHERENT project’s aim is to provide a contribution to the Youth Strategy via the empowerment, engagement and connection via the network. The project’s objective is to initiate a two-way discussion with young people, concerning the need of a deeper and more meaningful participation in civic life related to the youth goals, to foster cross-border mobility, and increase youth cooperation in projects, including capacity building.

Regarding the project’s implementation progress, Innovation Hive is the leader of the development of the Knowledge Hub, an innovative platform, empowered with the purpose of gathering selected information for enabling youth active citizenship, demonstrating best practices, methods, and guidelines, collaboration with NGOs and decision-makers, ideas, etc. The hub will be also used as an inspiration for improved participation, solidarity, engagement, cooperation, coming from existing best cases and success stories. COHERENT knowledge hub ( is based on a user-friendly structure and is an inseparable part of the project’s website. It has open access to every interested part, with the only necessity of a simple registration for all users. This will allow us to monitor the level of use and the impact of the materials and resources. The hub is purposed to host all developed e-modules and e-textbooks, along with all translations to national versions.

Paving our way to the implementation of the third Work Package, Innovation Hive is responsible for the development of the module concerning the Introduction to information and constructive dialogue. Having as a starting point the introduction to information, the outcomes of the research concerned the youth’s sources of information, with emphasis on what youth counseling and information services provide, and how these sources and the information included impact young people. Through further development of the module, the importance of youth being properly informed is highlighted, as well as the benefits of being up to date, choosing the right sources of information, and developing well-structured opinions. This module renders to the topics of major importance that youth has limited access to, analyzes the aforementioned, and focuses on how information on this topic will assist on youth life. Furthermore, there is a special reference of the importance of youth counseling, aiming to provide good practices and encourage their use in order to influence youth. Finally, at the last unit, we suggest interactive tasks and examples to be integrated during the training.

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